+The Company

The Company

  "Putting all our eggs into one basket!"

Our Motto
We believe that the definition of creativity has no boundaries. Some may like one thing, and some may not. There is no fixed definition. But it is the sharing of different ideas towards achieving the same goal that took us to where we are today. A good design doesn't just come up in one day, which is why we always work closely with our clients, going through rounds and rounds of briefing or changes if we have to, in order to understand our clients and achieve the desired result. Of course there will be changes. There are always changes. But with passion and commitment, we adapt to those changes and deliver our best.

One Basket
Everything is done in-house. The designs and drawings are all in-house, the 3D rendering is all in-house and the graphic designs are all in-house. It's not just for convenience, but the main advantages behind it are communication and design consistency. Without that communication barrier, everything runs smoother, the interior and its identity match and nothing gets misconstrued or left out. Hence, our clients are happier, which is pretty much why we're in this business. :)

+Meet the Crew        
Patrick Chin

Patrick Chin Director

Mike Saw

Mike Saw Director

  SweeChing, Kuan

Swee Ching Interior Designer


Alex Yap
Interior Designer


Wede Heng
Interior Designer

Siangfong, Teo Fong
Graphic Illustrator